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The critical role of intention

Thursday 17th January 2019

Join Andrew Wallas at The Supper Club on Thursday 17th January, 2019  to explore the nature of “Intention”.

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Andrew WallsAndrew Wallas has announced that he will be joining the PURE Pursuits Italy elite group of 2018 Challengers on a thought-provoking, sense-driven journey on two wheels across the rolling, picturesque European countryside.

PURE Pursuits brings together leading minds for a truly perspective-altering adventure designed to challenge mental and physical boundaries, cultivate connections and foster creativity.

A PURE Pursuit is far more than a physical adventure: it’s also an exploration of mental capacity, a test of emotional endurance and, ultimately, a chance to riff off the industry’s finest minds. Days are punctuated by challenger-led discussions and workshops, where industry topics ranging from the comfortable to the controversial are approached in a relaxed, collaborative environment – and, crucially, everyone has the chance to both listen and be heard.

PURE Pursuits is a place for the leaders and visionaries – whether collaborators or competitors – to come together for a higher purpose: to imagine and forge a stronger future. Please click here to find out more…

Please click here to find out more…