Personal Alchemy

Do you feel that no matter how many courses you have been on, therapies you have tried, books you have read, that you are still stuck in old, destructive patterns of behaviour? Is your life frequently invaded by a lack of hope: For brief moments you come tantalisingly close to the breakthrough that you are looking for, only to be disappointed by the feeling of yet one more false dawn? Do you feel that no matter what you do, you cannot eradicate your inner loneliness and longing for a deeper connection to yourself, your loved ones and your life?

Most of us spend our lives rearranging our external world. We pin our expectations on a new job, a new relationship, a new house, more money or a better body in the hope of becoming fulfilled and happy. We soon realise the futility of constant acquisition in a bid for peace.

An alchemical approach differs from most other practices by readdressing our inner world. The Wizard’s work is all about making the hidden visible: because what is hidden is what is subconsciously running, and ruining, our lives. Once we create a profound inner shift, our outer world will reflect this change.

This is the magic of The Modern Day Wizard.