Intimacy or Independence?

An invitation to a two day course led by Andrew Wallas

All of us have a deep longing for intimacy: connection, equality and mutuality – a relationship based on inter-dependency.

So why is it that so few of us find true partnership built around intimacy? Or, if we are able to find it, are unable to sustain it?

Partnership necessitates an intimacy with our self, which then allows us intimacy with the other.

Successful partnership requires accepting in ourselves, (and hence in our partner) the defiance, rage, jealousy, beauty, kindness, vulnerability – the full range of our emotional experiences.

During this two day course we will:

  • Explore the fears which take us out of intimacy into independence and power struggle.
  • Uncover the core wounding which triggers independence.
  • Understand how we can achieve a greater level of acceptance within ourselves and our key relationships.

All participants will experience the connection of true intimacy, whether they are in a couple or single.

This course is designed for anyone who wants more harmony and authenticity in the relationships in their lives – the polarity of independence and intimacy applies to all love relationships, family and work relationships.