Healing Heartbreak

We have all experienced many heartbreaks during our lifetime. Most of us have spent our lives seeking to avoid the inner heartbreak we carry. The list of activities we have relied upon to do this is endless, but includes drugs (recreational and prescribed), alcohol, food, sex, work, busyness, compulsive thinking and fantasy. In one sense it is simple: all these activities are an elaborate attempt to avoid the multiple layers of heartbreak.

Many of us are confused about heartbreak because we believe that it only comes from romantic relationships, whereas in fact it arises from relationships with our parents, siblings, friends and colleagues as well as career disappointments, shattered dreams and the loss of loved ones.

Heartbreaks are the result of unmet needs. Although we experience our deepest heartbreaks as beyond repair, in truth all heartbreaks can be repaired and what was broken can be healed. This process will lead to more understanding, acceptance and love. Any heartbreak we heal becomes a place of compassion and wisdom within us.

In this one-day process, we will explore, expose and transform our deepest heartbreak. Through a process of forgiveness of ourselves and others, we will dissolve our judgement, guilt, grievance, pain and self-attack, while bringing our heart back into wholeness.