Creating Financial Flow

Why is it that so many highly skilled, trained and talented professionals have such a difficult time creating financial security for themselves? Many people struggle because they are unable to identify the subconscious blocks to creating financial flow which are running and ruining their lives.

In this powerful one day exploration, Andrew Wallas will look at the hidden dynamics around money in your personal and professional lives. By diagnosing these hidden blocks, the energy will be released and money will flow more easily.

What makes this exploration unique is that this is not yet another self-empowering course about making money or about practical ways to create wealth or manage investments. So there is no learning, information or education. No affirmations.

This is about shifting our internal patterns. This course is offering an inside job. You go within or you go without.

Andrew Wallas:

Andrew began a career in business in 1974 and was highly successful with a number of different companies which he developed over time and sold for £52 million, £20 million and £38.5 million respectively. He has extensive experience of starting, developing and selling businesses.

Having achieved financial success in his own business, Andrew now concentrates on his own psycho-spiritual journey and supporting other individuals and organisations to apply the principles learned to create the rare combination of financial success and personal fulfilment.