Core Wounding

Discover Your Core Wounding

All human beings carry core wounding, which arises from experiences so painful to bear that we repress the emotion, ensuring it becomes buried in our body/mind. This core wounding unconsciously dominates our lives, causing us to repeat patterns time and time again. In some cases the core wounding is provoked by one particularly traumatic event – for example, physical or sexual abuse – or it can be created from a series of events over a longer period of time. Core wounding can take many forms, but it could be something like abandonment, betrayal or rejection. Consciously, we are convinced that we need to avoid our core wounding at any cost. The fear and anxiety about the level of pain dictates that it is buried very deep, so we develop many complex strategies and elaborate ways to avoid this inner reality.

All of us start from a position of ignorance – i.e., we have no awareness of our core wounding, let alone know what caused it. Many of us live our entire lives without engaging with our core wounding, even though it exerts the most powerful influence over our lives. Anything that really impacts on us, like a bad accident, death of a loved one or loss of a job, engages our core wounding because it cuts through the normal cognitive defences. It shatters our denial. Our core wounding is always activated by intimate relationships.

During this one-day course, participants will be led through a number of exercises that will reveal their core wounding. We will explore how this impacts on our daily lives and influences patterns of behaviour.

Awareness of this phenomenon is the first and most important step towards addressing this inner wound. During the second part of the day, we will begin the process of discovering what triggers our core wounding, then start the healing process. When we begin to love the part of ourselves that we’ve most rejected, it leads to the wound being healed.