Group Courses

This two day course has been designed for those seeking more honesty with themselves and others. We all live with multiple self delusions and layers of dishonesty about ourselves and our lives. The most fundamental lie we tell ourselves consistently is that something outside our self can make us fulfilled and happy. We keep searching for the perfect job and partner and yet our longing is never satisfied. Unless and until we are prepared to be more honest with ourselves, both in intimate relationships and wider friendships, the deep sense of connection for which we long will elude us.

All of us are living inauthentically much of the time. Many women are living predominantly from an inauthentic masculine energy – they are controlling, dominating and operating from a place of independence. Equally many men are invested in an inauthentic feminine position – they are manipulating, undermining and being overly dependent on others. During these two days we will explore and reclaim our authentic masculine and feminine energies. As we align with our authentic self, we become more powerful and more fully ourself, rebalancing the dynamic of our relationships.