Business Alchemy

Most businesses spend years re-writing business plans, financial plans and marketing plans, undertaking market research and focusing on business goals and product development. However, if the organisation looked at the internal dynamics and energy flow of the business and saw what was blocking the organisation from developing and released that block, the organisation would evolve and grow naturally and successfully.

The Wizard will look at the hidden dynamics and energy within your business which is inhibiting the best efforts of the board of directors and staff to move the business forward. By diagnosing these hidden blocks, the energy will be released and the strategic direction of the business will flow in accordance with desired goals, outcomes and profitability.

The Wizard began a career in the City of London in 1974 within the Lloyds Market with Nelson Hurst and Marsh Ltd (NH&M) becoming Managing Director where he was responsible for compound growth in profit of 40 % per annum over a ten year period. NH&M was sold to Citigroup in 1986 for £52 million.

He subsequently founded his own business, Andrew Wallas and Marsh Ltd (AW&M) in 1993 and as Chief Executive and later, Chairman he developed the business over a 10 year period. This business was sold in 2006 for in excess of £20 million.

The Wizard acted as non-executive chairman of several start ups and entrepreneurial businesses including Martello, Underwriting Ltd, which was sold to Royal and Sun Alliance for £38.5 million in December 2006.

He has extensive experience of starting, developing and selling businesses.

Having achieved financial success in his own business, the Wizard now concentrates on his own psycho-spiritual journey and supporting other individuals and organisations to apply the principles learned to create the rare combination of financial success and personal fulfilment.

Cultures have all too often created a division and separation between financial success and spirituality. Through his own personal development, the Wizard uses energy and alchemy to heal this false division to enable the individual and organisation to reach their fullest potential.